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USPS Mail Delivery Estimating Tool

How Long Does It Take To Deliver My Mail?

Many times our customers ask us how long it will take for their mail to be delivered. USPS provides a neat little tool just for this purpose.

Using the tool is pretty simple. In the upper left corner select the mail class – First Class or Standard. Select the mail origination from the drop down menu and click “Display Map”.

There is a color coded map of the United States and the estimated time for mail to be delivered. Here is an example of First Class mail originating from Kansas City, MO with the ZIP code beginning 641:


These delivery times are typically best case scenarios – they are to be used for estimates only. It is safe to use this as a general rule of thumb but in no way is it a promise of a delivery time.

As always, if you have any questions about how Strahm handles your mail or need help determining a general mail delivery time, please contact one of our helpful Customer Service Representatives at

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USPS | New Mail Delivery Schedule To Begin In August

New Mail Delivery Schedule to Begin in August

The US Postal Service announced plans yesterday to transition mail delivery to 5 days a week (Monday – Friday), beginning the week of August 5th. Package delivery will remain unchanged at 6 days a week (Monday – Saturday). The reduction in mail delivery days is a part of a larger plan for the USPS to return to financial stability. Research conducted uspsvanbefore the change was announced showed 7 out of 10 Americans supported a 5 day delivery plan – and that was for both mail and package services changes! The reduction in mail delivery days is estimated to save the postal service $2 billion annually and will reduce 45 million hours of work per year. Posting a $15.9 billion dollar loss last fiscal year, the USPS must act quickly to stabilize finances and return to profitability.

Parts of the new operating plan include keeping post offices open on Saturdays during regular operating hours. Mail will still be delivered to PO boxes on Saturdays as well. The decision to keep package delivery at 6 days a week was influenced heavily by the 14% growth in package services by the USPS within the last 2 years. E-commerce continues to drive package delivery and the postal service wants to maintain their strength as delivery provider of choice amongst Americans. With package delivery remaining untouched at 6 days a week, delivery of important goods such as pharmaceuticals and medical supplies will not be impacted.


The USPS reaffirms their commitment to business mailers, residential customers, and their employees with the announcement of the updated delivery schedule. More detailed implementation plans will be released in March giving a clearer picture of the overall changes to take place. The new mail delivery schedule is an important step in helping the Postal Service to achieve savings while continuing to meet customer needs. The USPS continues to seek legislation that will provide it with greater flexibility to control cost and generate new sources of revenue. The reality is that America’s mail habits are changing and forcing the USPS to change as well. The new mail delivery schedule is an important part of helping the Postal Service regain its strength and continue delivering to every address nationwide.

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