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How Green Is Your Mail?

Curious About “Greening” Your Mail?

The USPS asked in a sustainability campaign, “How Green is Your Mail?”

Mailers have opportunities to decrease their environmental impact and any organization can implement these strategies.  Oce Business Services shares these tips:

  1. Manage Ink:  When designing your mailpiece, choose fewer colors and less ink coverage/usage.  This reduces chemicals used during the printing process.
  2. Think TransPromo: Create a document that combines transactional printing (think statement or invoice) with a marketing piece – all in one document and one envelope.
  3. Paper Usage:  Use a smaller font and/or decrease the margins in order to keep to a single page document.  Can’t do it?  Default to printing both sides (duplex).  Going duplex can save you up to 50% on paper costs while serving the environment as well.
  4. Sourcing Paper:  Choose paper stocks that come from managed forests.  The Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) certification supports responsible forestry; forests are audited for best practices and must meet strict guidelines.  As well, this sends a clear message to your customers that you care about forests.
  5. Utilize Print on Demand:  This concept has been around for years and centers on printing only what you need/when you need it.  This eliminates waste caused by document obsolescence.  As well, you could select a printer at or near your point of consumption, reducing or eliminating transportation costs.
  6. Mailing Lists:  Updating your mailing list may be a challenge, but the cost savings and environmental impact is significant.  It is estimated that 15% – 20% of individuals and businesses move each year.  Reduce waste and eliminate the printing and postage costs of mail that is non-deliverable.

Has your organization implemented green initiatives in their mailing practices?  What outcomes did you experience?  We’d love to hear your stories!


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