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Planning for USPS Rate Increases

Will They or Won’t They?  Planning for USPS Rate Increases

imagesIt’s that time of year when my customers want direction and help planning their postage budgets for the coming year. The past few years we’ve had notice in October or November of a coming rate increase to be effective in January. For some working on budgets, this is late in the game so we fudge a little by going with the tried-and-true formula of postage rate hikes based on the rate of inflation.

This year, however, who knows what’s coming. Rates could go up or even down. Rates could decrease sometime in the coming year due to the expiration of the exigent rate case of last year. Right now it looks more like a guessing game.

Below is a link to an informative article discussing potential rates for 2015.  It gives a nice explanation of the situation as a whole.

So it’s going to be a tricky year for mailers working on 2015 budgets. As always, we will notify our customers of rate changes as soon as they are made available.


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