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Strahm Automation | Open House

Add A Splash Of Color To Your Day!

Come join the Strahm Automation & Mailing Open House from 3-6pm TODAY!! Introducing our new Océ ColorStream 3500 Inkjet Printer.

This video showcases the newest addition to the Strahm Automation & Mailing family: Océ ColorStream 3500 Inkjet Printer.

It provides sharp, full color CMYK printing, even printing duplex simultaneously. This high speed printer can produce up to 1,000 letter size sheets per minute. Added to that is the ability to perf – both horizontal and vertical – and trim in line. What can’t this workhorse do?

With the Océ ColorStream 3500, Strahm gains the ability to more effectively respond to ever-changing customer demands, resulting in a finished product that delivers on expectations. At the same time, cutting edge technology and low-waste operation allow Strahm to pass savings along to customers.


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New Printer Alert!

Océ ColorStream 3500 Inkjet Printer

Interested in our high quality color digital print work? The video below highlights a variety of what we can offer along with introducing the newest member of the Strahm Automation family: Océ ColorStream 3500 Inkjet Printer. Give us a call today for more information: 913-756-2733


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National Postal Museum Exhibit: Behind the Badge

“Behind the Badge”

The Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum has opened a new exhibit “Behind the Badge” showcasing the fascinating history of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

jcb-001_8x10The Postal Inspection Service is one of the nation’s oldest federal law enforcement agencies, dating back to 1776.  Then USPS Postmaster General Benjamin wanted to measure the efficiency and security of mail routes. Today there is a network of U.S. postal inspectors whose job it is to keep the mail safe and help protect consumers and prevent crime.

The exhibit is interactive and has many interesting artifacts on display and videos where inspectors, forensic analysts and postal police officers share stories of their lives “behind the badge”.  At the close of the exhibit is a video commemorating fallen heroes who gave their lives in the line of duty.

Below is a link to a series of videos designed to keep postal customers informed about scams and how to protect yourself.  Make sure to watch the first video “We are the U.S. Postal Inspection Service”!

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Tour The Facilities

Have You Toured Your Vendors Facility?

tourYesterday I took a group of people on a tour of our facility. It’s certainly not the first time I’ve lead a tour here, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. And every time I have a person or group of people come through, they’ve told me they have come away with beneficial knowledge and new ideas.

Whenever I visit a vendor, and I hope whenever a client or prospect visits us, these are a few of the things that I would expect of the experience.

  • Is your sales rep present?  Better yet, is he or she leading the tour?
  • Meet your Customer Service Representative. In most cases, it will be the CSR that handles your day-to-day business and not the sales rep.
  • If your sales rep (and perhaps your CSR as well) is leading the tour, what is the sense of relationship you feel between sales and the production team? Do they seem friendly and collaborative towards each other?
  • Get an introduction to the department managers or team leaders in each step of production. Personally, I like my clients to have a face to associate with each department (in our case, data processing, quality control, laser imaging, lettershop, presort and transportation).
  • Whenever possible, manage an introduction to someone “at the top”.  I like to make sure my tour attendees get to meet the president of our company.
  • Look at equipment in each and every department. Is it well maintained? Is it apparent that the company keeps up-to-date in new technology and machinery?
  • Observe the plant condition. Is it clean and well organized? Does work seem to flow through the plant in a common sense manner?
  • Ask if any of your work would be outsourced to a subcontractor or whether your vendor has all the equipment, personnel and capacity to complete your jobs in house.
  • And last but most importantly – listen, ask questions and learn something new. I have yet to lead a customer through our facility and not hear them talk about something vital they’ve learned or new ideas they plan to take back to their own companies.

When was the last time you toured the facilities of your vendor or vendors? What did you take away from the experience? Did you leave the plant feeling positive in your decision to use this particular company?

Lesson: Ask for a tour, build lasting relationships with the folks producing your jobs, get fresh ideas and have fun!

This video takes you on a little journey around Strahm Automation and Mailing!

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Direct Mail is Going Green

Tips for Making Direct Mail Eco-Friendly!

greenenvEco-friendly direct mail – kind of sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Believe it or not there are more and more ways to make your mail greener than ever before. Direct-mail only accounts for 2.4% of landfill waste but many opportunities exist to lessen its environmental impact even more. Here are some green ideas for direct mailers:


• Regularly update and maintain your mailing list to eliminate duplications and waste

  • Practice list hygiene regularly – clean your mailing lists to remove those who are deceased or others who are unlikely to respond

• Use research to effectively target your customers. For example, people who live in apartment buildings probably don’t need lawn services

• Proofread copy using Adobe PDF rather than hard copy

• Allow customers to opt out of your mailings to ensure you’re not sending them unwanted mail

• Use recycled materials for the mailings you create

  • Due to the increase in awareness of global resources, there are now many earth-friendly options when choosing paper and printer inks. Using paper and inks that are made of alternative materials helps reduce the amount of dangerous and wasteful substances used

• Print on both sides of the paper to save resources and reduce mailing costs


• Encourage your customers to recycle the mailing once they’ve read it. Adding a recycle symbol to your mail is free and is a good way to remind recipients that the mail piece is recyclable

New products exist as well for mailers including ecoEnvelopes. ecoEnvelopes is one of the many companies out there that are making direct marketers greener and more profitable than ever before. The Eden Prairie, MN based company creates a recyclable envelope that has a two-way indicia, which eliminate the need for a separate return envelope. ecoEnvelopes not only save money by eliminating one envelope, but they cut down on needed storage space and insertion costs. Interested in seeing how they work? Watch the short video below to see how:

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USPS: All Systems At Work

United States Postal Service: All Systems At Work

I would be willing to wager that most people have never had the opportunity to tour a USPS mail processing facility.  In that case, most people do not have a clear picture of exactly what happens to your mail before it hits your mailbox.

The Postal Museum of the Smithsonian Institute has produced a great little video showing all the processes involved in getting your mail from the sender into your mailbox.  It’s fascinating if you’ve never experienced it before.  (The link is below)

At Strahm Automation, we are what is referred to as a workshare partner with the Postal Service.  We do several of the necessary steps for the USPS before they even see the mailpiece.

Strahm is primarily a print-to-mail company, which means that we “make” mail.  We do all the required data processing, printing, folding, inserting and presorting of the mail.  The USPS then picks up this outgoing mail from our dock.  Because we’ve done the presorting, there is less work for the USPS sorting facility to do in order to get this into your mailbox.

As people around the city learned of our presorting capabilities, and the postage discounts that could be gained from presorting their mail, they requested that Strahm pick up their mail, and for a small fee, process it and send it on to the Postal Service.

I hope you will take the time to watch the video.  And while you’re on the Postal Museum website, noodle around a bit – they have all kinds of interesting facts, photos and whatnot related to the Postal Service.


As an added bonus – below is a link to one man’s hilarious story of how little he knew about mail!


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