USPS | Continuing Education for Mailers

USPS Continuing Education for Mailers

Did you know there are training courses and certifications offered by the USPS to help you grow and develop in the mailing industry?mailed

The USPS currently offers two certifications – Mail Design Professional (MDP) and Executive Mail Center Management (EMCM).

These courses are not only for Mail Center Managers and industry insiders, but anyone who designs mailpieces, manages a mailing/postage budget or wants to help their own customers improve their mailing programs.

Program Overview for Mail Design Professional

The Mailpiece Design Professional (MDP) Online program teaches mailing industry personnel how to design mail to enhance its compatibility with U.S. Postal Service® automated equipment. It also coaches mailers on how to achieve lower postage prices through automation. MDP Online training is 100% free to all users. However, USPS® MDP certification is only available upon successful completion of course assessment, which does have a fee.

MDP Online Curriculum

The MDP Online program provides training specifically designed for mailing industry professionals. The online curriculum provides mailing industry professionals training including…

  • Maximizing eligibility for postage discounts
  • Discussing the 5 classes of mail
  • Deciding Nonprofit eligibility
  • Recognizing barcode formats
  • Designing mail for automation
  • Designing Reply Mail pieces
  • Determining mailability, processing categories, and machinability
  • Using Address Information System (AIS) Products

Executive Mail Center Management Program

Program Overview

The Executive Mail Center Management (EMCM) program is a comprehensive training program designed for individuals who wish to develop Mail Center Management skills.

The EMCM program provides training specifically designed for mailing industry professionals. The program teaches skills needed to…

  • Manage more effectively
  • Improve mail center safety and security
  • Boost productivity
  • Cut costs

Training is offered at the NationalCenter for Employee Development (NCED) located in Norman, Oklahoma. The EMCM course can be delivered in your city through sponsorship by your PCC®. For more details about what is covered in the program go to our Curriculum page.

Check out your local Postal Customer Council, too. They often hold educational seminars designed to help you ace these USPS courses! PCC is a terrific resource for education, the latest in Postal Service regulations and networking.

Find your PCC here:


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