USPS | Changing Priorities


Significant changes are coming July 28 to the Postal Service’s expedited product lineup.

Express Mail will get a new name, and insurance will be included on domestic Priority Mail shipments. Also, expedited shipping labels, retail receipts and Track and Confirm at will indicate day-specific delivery information. Finally, USPS will debut redesigned packaging.

flatrate1The strategy behind these changes — the most significant in the past three decades — is to meet customer requirements, stay competitive, leverage improved scanning and tracking technology and build the package business. USPS also wants to help mailers increase their use of Priority Mail as a reliable, cost effective mailing and shipping alternative. “We’re building on our powerhouse Priority Mail brand,” says Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Nagisa Manabe.

Here are highlights of the July 28 changes:

  • Express Mail will have a new name — “Priority Mail Express.” All characteristics of the current domestic Express Mail service will remain the same after the name change.
  • Express Mail International will be renamed “Priority Mail Express International,” and Express Mail Corporate Accounts will be called “USPS Corporate Accounts.”
  • Insurance will be included — at no additional charge — with most Priority Mail pieces. Retail and commercial customers will receive $50 and $100 coverage respectively.
  • Expedited shipping labels, retail receipts and Track and Confirm at will include day-specific delivery information — 1-Day, 2-Day, 3-Day, Military or DPO.
  • Expedited packaging supplies will get a new look.

The new Priority Mail brand delivers an enriched and reliable delivery experience for mailers small and large at significant value. The new and expedited product lineup offers a smarter way to ship more reliably and with greater transparency for customers. “We’re making some changes in our products, but our goal remains the same,” said Manabe. “We want to be America’s shipper of choice.”


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