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Direct Mail Postcards

LandScape_growth-LOGOIt’s Spring, except in Kansas City where it’s snowing today, and a good time to think about your direct mail marketing program. Especially for spring/summer seasonal businesses (think lawn service, tree trimming, wedding planners, nurseries) your time to act on a mailing is now.

A terrific way to get your message into customers and prospects hands is with a well crafted postcard. Postcards are inexpensive to produce, have a short message for a quick review by the recipient, and convenient for the recipient to keep/store on refrigerator or cork board for example.

As with all direct mail marketing, you should carefully consider your message (clear, concise), your offer (free trial, time limited discount) and your mailing list (clean out those undeliverable addresses before you mail, ask your mail provider to run an NCOA process to update addresses).

It is also important to make sure you meet the USPS rules for postcards in order to get that great postage rate. The current rate for a single piece postcard is $0.33 and you will want to work with your mailing service to get a discounted automation rate.

Here are some of the postcard basics –

  • Physical Characteristics postcards
    • Minimum size 3 ½” x 5”
    • Maximum size 4 ¼” x 6”
    • Minimum thickness .007”
    • Maximum thickness .0095”
  • Must be rectangular in shape
    • Length must be greater than height
    • Aspect ratio (length divided by height) between 1.3 and 2.5
    • Example: 3 ½” x 5” = aspect ratio of 1.4
  • Print Contrast
    • Preference is dark type on light paper
    • Recommend light pastels or neutrals
    • Avoid dark, bright or black papers
    • Avoid dark fibers
    • Avoid bleed through
  • No polywrap, polybag or shrink wrapping please!
  • Barcode clear zone
    • 5/8” from bottom edge
    • Extending 4 ¾” from right edge
    • This entire area must be kept free of logos, verbiage, etc
    • This is the conventional barcode placement although the barcode may be printed above or below the address block as well
  • OCR Address Read Area
    • Begins ½” in from left and right edges of mailpiece
    • Extends up 2 ¾” from bottom of mailpiece
    • Don’t forget to leave the bottom 5/8” of the mailpiece clear for the barcode!
  • Address Format

Sue Sample
ABC Company
123 Main Street
Anytown, MO  ZIP+4

  • Preferred Type Fonts





Get started today and get those postcards in the mail!

  • Clean up your mailing list
  • Decide on a message – make it clean and simple
  • Come up with a great offer
  • Design your postcard to get the best postage rates
  • Consider the use of color, or even colored cardstock, and UV gloss coating for extra “pop”
  • Measure response rates – you may need to make adjustments to your list, message or offer for future mailings

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