Direct Mail is Going Green

Tips for Making Direct Mail Eco-Friendly!

greenenvEco-friendly direct mail – kind of sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Believe it or not there are more and more ways to make your mail greener than ever before. Direct-mail only accounts for 2.4% of landfill waste but many opportunities exist to lessen its environmental impact even more. Here are some green ideas for direct mailers:


• Regularly update and maintain your mailing list to eliminate duplications and waste

  • Practice list hygiene regularly – clean your mailing lists to remove those who are deceased or others who are unlikely to respond

• Use research to effectively target your customers. For example, people who live in apartment buildings probably don’t need lawn services

• Proofread copy using Adobe PDF rather than hard copy

• Allow customers to opt out of your mailings to ensure you’re not sending them unwanted mail

• Use recycled materials for the mailings you create

  • Due to the increase in awareness of global resources, there are now many earth-friendly options when choosing paper and printer inks. Using paper and inks that are made of alternative materials helps reduce the amount of dangerous and wasteful substances used

• Print on both sides of the paper to save resources and reduce mailing costs


• Encourage your customers to recycle the mailing once they’ve read it. Adding a recycle symbol to your mail is free and is a good way to remind recipients that the mail piece is recyclable

New products exist as well for mailers including ecoEnvelopes. ecoEnvelopes is one of the many companies out there that are making direct marketers greener and more profitable than ever before. The Eden Prairie, MN based company creates a recyclable envelope that has a two-way indicia, which eliminate the need for a separate return envelope. ecoEnvelopes not only save money by eliminating one envelope, but they cut down on needed storage space and insertion costs. Interested in seeing how they work? Watch the short video below to see how:


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