Power of Social Media During Super Bowl XLVII

Power of Social Media During Super Bowl XLVII

SuperBowl2013$4 million for 30 seconds of air time – that’s the cost of airing one advertisement during this weekend’s Super Bowl XLVII. As the Baltimore Ravens face off against the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday, February 3rd, advertisements could arguably be the best and most anticipated part of the championship game. The hype leading up to this year’s most watched sporting event will bring millions of viewers to participate in a social media snowstorm of content and activity. Advertisers and marketing agents are harnessing the power of social media like never before to leverage brand awareness and relay it into sales. YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook will all be key players in marketing strategies companies use leading up to and during this weekend’s big game.

Some of the most anticipated advertisements during this year’s Super Bowl have already aired – on YouTube that is. The trend for the last few years has been to release small previews of ads before the big show to build up anticipation and social media chatter amongst viewers. Within the last few years, researchers have found that ads shown before the Super Bowl generate 600% more views than those that debut during the game! That type of exposure is huge – and at $133,333 per second companies want to make every dollar count. Have you seen any of this year’s ads yet? Audi’s new ad is sure to appeal to any guy watching the game Sunday who was ever a nerd in high school, take a look at “Prom”.

The teaser for Kia’s “Space Babies” ad leaves viewers wondering just what those babies are launching…

Coca-Cola has released an interactive advertising campaign surrounding this year’s Super Bowl. The ad to debut during the game has actually been shot with different outcomes as a race between cowboys, Mad Max era motorcycle riders, and glittery show girls ensues towards the ultimate bottle of Coke. Watch the ad below then vote for who you think should win the race.

Advertisers are looking to more than just YouTube to help increase exposure during the Super Bowl this year. Twitter has helped turn live sporting events into an interactive experience – leveraging social media into a second screen viewing experience during the action. In fact, last year’s Super Bowl was the MOST tweeted sporting event of all time! Super Bowl XLVI averaged 10,000 tweets per second about the big game. To put that into perspective, when news of Osama Bin Laden’s death broke, 5,008 tweets per second were recorded. The highest number of tweets at last year’s game was reached at the end of the game as viewers added their opinions and cheers regarding the outcome. The second highest tweets per second came after Madonna wrapped her half time performance. This year’s game should only capitalize on last years numbers – Beyonce’s half time show is sure to trump shows of years past! Want to follow the Super Bowl? @SuperBowl has been connecting with followers leading up to the big game with insight and tidbits regarding the two teams and the game. New Orleans, host of this year’s game, has even been capitalizing on the publicity. Visiting New   Orleans for the first time? The mayor of New Orleans has asked locals to tweet out suggestions for tourists on where to go and what to do under #BestofNOLA. Want to follow? Connect with Super Bowl fans and see what’s trending now – join the roar of the crowd on Sunday and tweet out your support!


As you’re sitting on the couch Sunday evening watching the big game don’t forget to “like” your favorite team. Approximately 35 million Facebook users currently “like” their favorite teams. That figures out to 1 in 10 Americans voicing their opinions on 32 teams nationwide! A new app created by USA Today and Facebook that allows users to view, rate, and share Super Bowl ads with friends online – called USA Today-Facebook Super Bowl Ad Meter. Do you hate the ads everyone else loves? Rate online and see where your opinions stand against the nations.

No matter how you watch the game on Sunday, this weekend is sure to be a digital success for marketers. So turn on the TV and log in to your favorite social media account. Cheer on your team and participate in what will be the biggest day in marketing and social media of 2013. Marketers are bringing their best to the championship game, judge for yourself the winners and losers.

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