DMM | Business Reply Mail Update Coming January 2013

Domestic Mail Manual Changes For Reply Mail Coming January 2013

There will be a change made to the Domestic Mail Manual in January 2013 which will impact business reply mail.  There will be a total of four clauses changed in the DMM.

A requirement that business reply mail (BRM), courtesy reply mail (CRM) and meter reply mail (MRM) contain an Intelligent Mail barcode to receive discounted postage rates as part of an automation mailing is being eliminated.  This applies to First Class letters and flats as well as Standard letters and flats.  You will still be eligible for automation postage rates even without an IMb on your reply piece.

Although the requirement to use an IMb on BRM, CRM or MRM mailpieces is being eliminated, you are still encouraged to make the change to your reply envelopes.  Using IMb allows greater visibility in the mailstream, which benefits you as a mailer.

The exceptions to the new changes are Qualified Business Reply Mail (QBRM) and Permit Reply Mail (PRM).  These two types of reply mail are discounted and must include the IMb.


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