Why Is Mail So Popular?

Mail Works!

Communication channels seem to increase and evolve on almost a daily basis, yet mail continues to be an effective – even preferred – method of reaching your current and potential customers.

Think of all the ways you can be reached today: email, direct mail, telephone, text messaging, mobile applications and social media. Studies and surveys tell us that marketing messages are well received via mail. In fact, in a study by ExactTarget, direct mail was chosen as the most acceptable means of communication in four of 11 categories. Mail was tied with email in two categories and a close second behind email in another four categories.

Why is mail so popular? 

  1. People like to touch and feel. Mail cuts through the digital clutter and provides a physical reminder of a call to action, offer, or special message to the consumer. 
  2. Mail plays well with other channels. Take advantage of all the methods of communication to your customer. Back up an email or social media offer with a printed mailpiece. 
  3. People enjoy the element of surprise when they go to the mailbox. The majority of households pick up their mail every day. Sorting, reviewing, and reading the mail is a routine for most people and studies show they look forward to it.
  4. With mail volume declining, there is less competition in your customer’s mailbox. As more and more communications are being delivered through email, text messaging and social media, your message stands out from the crowd by coming into the home in a different channel. Your customer or prospect is literally carrying your message through their front door.

For two weeks pay close attention to the mail you receive daily and how you handle that mail. Is your mailbox full every day? Of the mail you receive, what really stands out to you?

How many offers are you receiving? Will you respond to any offers? Has the mailer provided you multiple means of responding? Which method of response will you use?

We would like to hear your results! What caught your interest and why? How will you translate what you’ve experienced into your own marketing efforts?


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  1. #1 by Shower on October 2, 2012 - 1:40 pm

    Fantastic article post. Want more.

    • #2 by strahmautomation on October 9, 2012 - 11:25 am

      Thanks! I hope you will keep reading. We post every Thursday.


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