Business Reply Mail: Creating IMb Artwork

Creating IMb Artwork For Your Business Reply Mail

Help!  I need to create Business Reply mail artwork to include the Intelligent Mail barcode!

If you have not yet created a Mailer ID, please follow steps 1 – 10 below. If you have an MID, start at step 11.

  1. Go to  The link to the Business Customer Gateway is in the lower right corner.  This link will take you to the log in page.
  2. An existing user may “Sign In” with their username and password.  New users should click “Sign Up”.
  3. On the Create Your USPS Business Account screen, make sure account type shows as Business, create a Username and Password, select a Security Question (you will setup two security questions and answers), complete all of the Name and Contact Info at the screen below, then click Create Account.
  4. You will be redirected to Select a Business Service screen.
  5. Under “Design and Prepare” choose Mailer ID.
  6. Click on the small box next to your company name.  Click Next.
  7. Review the company information and click Confirm.
  8. New users will have to go through the Business Service Administrator process, click to confirm your agreement with the USPS Online Agreement.
  9. Select and put a check mark next to your company name and click Yes.
  10. On the Business Service Administrator Access screen, click continue.
  11. You will need to go back to the main screen of the Business Customer Gateway and login with your Username and Password.
  12. Once you have logged in, choose “Intelligent Mail Services” beneath Design and Prepare
  13. On the next screen choose “Automated Business Reply Mail”.
  14. Select your reply mail type (Courtesy reply if the recipient is required to put a stamp on it, Business Reply if you are paying the postage in advance)
  15. Choose “Profile Registered Address”.  Click continue
  16. Enter your delivery address (you will need to know your ZIP+4).  Click continue.
  17. On the next screen, your Mailer ID number should be prepopulated.
  18. Some design elements come into play.  You will be asked to choose a name for your mailpiece, choose a font from a drop down menu, etc.
  19. Next you will enter your return address
  20. You can upload a logo if so desired
  21. Click continue
  22. The following screen will provide you a proof of your new envelope.  Please review it carefully.
  23. Click continue and you will now be able to download your new Business Reply Mail artwork.  This art will include the mandatory Intelligent Mail barcode.  It is now ready to submit to your envelope provider!

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