How to Generate Your USPS Mailer ID

How to Generate Your USPS Mailer ID (MID)

As we’ve discussed before, the old POSTNET barcode will be retired and replaced by Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) as of January 28, 2013.

A 6 or 9 digit Mailer ID is part of the IMb make up. A reader has brought up the question of what a Mailer ID is and how to go about getting one.

What is a Mailer ID?

A Mailer ID (MID) is a numeric identification number used in the suite of Intelligent Mail barcodes and electronic documentation to identify the mail owner, mailing agent, or other service provider.

The MID is assigned by the Postal Service based primarily on documented historical volume.

What if I Use a Mail Service Provider?

Does your service provider have their own Mailer ID? If so, would it be better to use theirs or apply for your own? At Strahm, we use our MID on your outgoing mail, but request that you create and provide your own MID for pieces such as Courtesy or Business Reply Mail.

How Do I Get My MID? 

  1. Go to The link to the Business Customer Gateway is in the lower right corner. This link will take you to the log in page.
  2. An existing user may “Sign In” with their username and password. New users should click “Sign Up”.
  3. On the Create Your USPS Business Account screen, make sure account type shows as Business, create a Username and Password, select a Security Question (you will setup two security questions and answers), complete all of the Name and Contact Info at the screen below, then click Create Account.
  4. You will be redirected to Select a Business Service screen.
  5. Under “Design and Prepare” choose Mailer ID.
  6. Click on the small box next to your company name. Click Next.
  7. Review the company information and click Confirm.
  8. New users will have to go through the Business Service Administrator process, click to confirm your agreement with the USPS Online Agreement.
  9. Select and put a check mark next to your company name and click Yes.
  10. On the Business Service Administrator Access screen, click continue.
  11. You will need to go back to the main screen of the Business Customer Gateway and login with your Username and Password.
  12. Choose Mailer ID under “Design and Prepare”
  13. On the “Welcome to the Mailer ID System” page, click “Request an MID”.  You may need to check a box located before your business name.
  14. At the “Apply for MID” screen, use the drop down menu and select “9 digit MID”, select one MID requested, then click “Request MID”.
  15. At the next screen, be sure that there is a check before the “Automatically Generate this MID” and in the right column, check ONLY “Full/Basic Service”.  Click “Request MID”.
  16. The system should issue your new Mailer ID on the next screen. Print or record this number and sign out.

 You are done and are now the proud owner of your very own Mailer ID. 


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