POSTNET Barcode to IMb Transition Webinars

POSTNET Barcode To IMb: Webinars To Help With Transition

On May 3rd, the POSTNET barcode discontinuation final rule was posted on the Federal Register website. This ruling mandates that beginning January 28, 2013 use of Intelligent Mail barcodes will be required to take advantage of automated postage rates.

To continue to be eligible for automation prices, mailings of postcards, letter- and flat-size mailpieces will need to have an Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb). In addition, Permit Reply Mail and Qualified Business Reply Mail (QBRM) will be required to have an Intelligent Mail barcode.

Please remember that Strahm Automation has been providing our clients Full-Service IMb since January 2011.

A series of three webinars will be held to help mailers with the transition from POSTNET barcodes to Intelligent Mail barcodes. Webinar information will be posted on the RIBBS website under “Intelligent Mail Latest News”.

Scheduled Webinars:

Building the Intelligent Mail barcode – Initial Steps for Mailers

To help you get ready for the January 2013 retirement of the POSTNET barcode, this webinar will help provide an understanding of how you can continue to take advantage of automation pricing. The webinar will cover the steps for migration to the Intelligent Mail barcode. You will learn the building blocks for creating the IMb; including obtaining a Mailer ID, knowledge of the different service type codes and how to use them for your mailing needs.

The World of MIDs, CRIDs and the Business Customer Gateway

Focus will be on Customer Registration IDs (CRIDs), Mailer IDs (MIDs) and how you can obtain MIDs and CRIDs. You will learn about the multiple ways Mail Owners and Mailing Agents can acquire an MID, when and how it is used in the Intelligent Mail barcode.

Reaping the Benefits of Intelligent Mail

Learn how to reap the benefits of Intelligent Mail and Full-Service feedback. This webinar will cover Service Type IDs (STIDs) and how they can help you keep your address list up to date, the various Full-Service feedback reports available and where you can find them.

You can find all the latest news regarding the state and usage of Intelligent Mail barcode here:


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