How To Get Your Mail Noticed

Get Your Mail Noticed!

A few weeks ago we posted an article regarding the USPS Every Door Direct Mail program.  The response to the article was amazing.  One question came up over and over again.

What kind of response rate can I expect?

There is an old adage of Direct Mail Marketing called the 40/40/20 rule.  40% of your success will come from your audience, 40% from your call to action and offer, and 20% from your mail piece design (color, creative, etc).

How do you make sure your mail gets noticed?  Studies show that people multi-task more and more, which means the potential for not really “seeing” your marketing message increases as we are inundated with information daily.

Here are some tips for getting your mail noticed:

  • Mail repetitively

You want to cut through all the noise of today – just think of all the ringing, beeping, buzzing electronic devices you use every day, add in TV, radio, the kids…..You hear the same commercials more than once a day, right?  Repeat your message until they “hear” you.  Schedule your marketing program as a regular event.

  • Manage a great mail list

Remember, 40% of your success relies on the list you use.  Define your target market carefully.  If you’re speaking to the wrong audience, it won’t matter how great your mail piece looks or even the offer, you won’t succeed.

  • Say their name

Personalization can make all the difference.  People love to talk about themselves and likewise, they respond better to mail that refers to them by name, mentions their last purchase, or even their hobbies.  The more personal you make the mail piece, the better.

  • Make it amusing

Who doesn’t like a good laugh or clever line?

  • Keep it timely

You most likely don’t want to try to sell snow blowers in June, or lawn services in November.  If your business is seasonal, start your marketing campaign a few months before your busy time.

  • Keep it simple

Don’t try to cram too much information into your mail piece.  Again, people are bombarded with information, to-do items and obligations.  Keep your message short and to the point.

  • Mail it again!

Repetition goes a long way.  Determine a marketing schedule and keep to it.

You’ve designed a truly masterful mail piece, made a compelling offer and call to action, and you’re mailing to a targeted audience interested in your product or service.

Now get it in the mail!


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