Give Priority Mail Flat Rate Mailing a Try!

Priority Mail Flat Rate – what a bargain and convenient to boot!

By now you’ve probably heard of the terrific service USPS provides through Priority Mail Flat Rate envelopes and boxes: “If it fits, it ships”.  Priority Mail Flat Rate certainly takes the hassle out of determining weight/destination for packages.

Any flat weighing over 13 ounces, and is required to mail First Class, is automatically considered Priority Mail.  However, any matter may be sent as Priority Mail, except matter specifically prohibited (certain hazardous material, etc).  If you use a USPS provided Priority Mail packaging, it must be handled as Priority Mail regardless of how you may configure or obliterate the Priority Mail markings.

Let’s get back to Priority Mail Flat Rate options.  The USPS will provide you, at no cost, Flat Rate packaging materials.  You have the choice of using flat rate envelopes, small boxes, medium boxes and large boxes.  Using this packaging, flat rate options offer one low price regardless of how much the package weighs or its destination.

Priority Mail offers 2 – 3 day service to most domestic locations.  There are no hidden fees or restrictions, including residential or Saturday delivery.  If you ship online, you are even eligible for delivery confirmation.  It doesn’t get much better than this for your shipping needs!

As an added bonus, by contacting USPS online at, you can request carrier pick up at your location at no charge.  You must have postage already applied to your package, and you can use either adhesive stamps or Click-N-Ship through USPS online.

Printing Click-N-Ship Labels

  • Getting started
    1. To start printing professional shipping labels – with postage – simply log on at
    2. Customers will need to enter a username and password. They will be asked whether they want to set up the account for personal or business use.
    3. Provide name and company contact information.
    4. Customer can now create an address book, print and pay for shipping labels, and enjoy all of the other services of ClickNShip.

With the postage increase on January 22, 2012 the retail cost for each type of Priority Mail package is as follows:

Flat Rate Envelopes                 $5.15

Flat Rate Padded Envelopes   $5.30

Small Flat Rate Box                 $5.35

Medium Flat Rate Box             $11.35

Large Flat Rate Box                $15.45

APO/FPO Destinations           $13.45

Give Priority Mail Flat Rate mailing a try.  It’s convenient, simple to use, and cost efficient!


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