Saving Your Budget With Flyers!


Tight on budget this month and need a fast and cheap way of getting your message out? Your answer is here…flyers!! Flyers are highly effective and an inexpensive way to grab your clients attention! So, how do you make your Flyer “pop” on a budget?

1. Make Your Headline Or Title Stand Out: Your headline should be catchy and unusual, grabbing the attention of the audience. Not only make it sound good, but make it stand out on the page. Big and bold are just a few words to explain how your headline should look!

2. Focus, Focus, Focus: Keep your flyer consistent and to the point. Tell your audience, what is in it for them and why they should act on your flyer. Do all of this while being specific to the audience, stick to words like, you and your. Stay away from words such as: I, we, our, and us. Break up big paragraphs with bullet points and make them appealing!

3. Organize Your Page: Boxes, boarders and different colors. These are all good to use but remember to break them up with some white space and make them appealing to the eye!

4. Make Your Main Points Of The Flyer Stand Out: Titles and subtitles should be bolder than other text. Avoid using ALL CAPS as it gets hard to read when used a lot.

5. Typography Of The Flyer: Don’t get too complicated, keep it simple with two or three different typefaces and always be aware of the margins.

6. Proof Your Work and Triple Check Your Details: Don’t forget to proofread your work. Have someone else proof the flyer, and someone else, and so on! Get the point? You can never proofread too much! Also make sure to check all your contact information and make sure all links added are working properly.

7. Generate Buzz: Offer the audience something to look forward to. It could be something FREE, a discount, or something at a limited special price! You can do this by creating a coupon on the flyer. The most important thing to remember is NOT to forget to include all the guidelines of the offer! You could also get them to call, go online or even stop by the shop or office!

8. Save Money: Still want your flyer to “pop” but don’t have the money in the budget for full color? Pick a bright colored piece of paper and print the text and graphics in black ink! You could even use shades of gray in your graphics to make them stand out and to provide contrast!

Put these tips to good use and get creative while feeling good about the small part of the budget you are using! What are your tips on budget saving ideas with print? Let us know!

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