Communication: First Step To Building A Sales Relationship

Using Effective Marketing to Increase Customer Touch Points

How often do you “reach out and touch” your customers?

On average, it now takes nine touch points of communication to build a sales relationship.  Most sales people give up after three.

The best way to lose a customer is to lose touch with him or her.  Some data indicates that 60% of customer loss is due to lack of communication.

Every prospect and customer should hear from your company at least every 90 days.  Savvy marketers reduce this cycle to every 30 days.

Sales force effectiveness increases by as much as 40% when supported by an effective marketing campaign.

Direct mail as part of an ongoing campaign can reinforce your brand again and again.  Mail is effective for creating and building brand awareness.

Use strong, targeted messages when “talking” to your customers.  How will your product or service help them?  Customers are looking for one of two things – reducing or eliminating their pain or increasing their pleasure.  It’s a simple as that.

Use a variety of methods for communicating

  • Direct mail – especially personalized, interactive pieces
  • Email or PURL campaigns
  • Open Houses
  • Phone Calls!  When was the last time you just said hello?
  • Surveys

So how are you going to step out and communicate with your customers and prospects?

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