Presort Services: Getting Your Mail To Customers In A Timely Manner!

Presort Services

What are some best practices in getting your mail to your customers in a timely manner?

Obviously clean, clear and correct addressing plays a major role.  Automatable or machinable mail pieces are a contributor to the processing as well.

But have you considered the use of a presort service as a solution?

Your mail delivery won’t stall at the post office, be dependent on postal holidays, weekends or schedules.

  • Pick up service – your mail is retrieved from your business on a daily schedule
  • Metering – your presort vendor should be able to provide postage metering, either as a backup to your internal processes or on a daily basis
  • Barcoding – barcodes are sprayed on to your mail piece.  Look specifically for Intelligent Mail barcoding which produces a higher readability rate by the USPS
  • Move Update, specifically FastForward – uses a USPS database to determine new address and spray directly on the mail piece before it enters the mail stream.  This eliminates delays in forwarding mail for those who have moved. There is also access allowing you to update your database for future mailings.

Presort services, also known as co-minglers, combined mailers and continuous mailers, work share with the USPS.  This means fewer touch points and if your provider also has an onsite Postal Verifier, no hold ups at a USPS dock.  Your mail bypasses the local post office and heads straight to your postal destination.

Check out your local presort service providers.  And don’t forget to ask about postage discounts – perhaps the greatest perk of using these services!

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