Color Matters!

Effective Use of Color on County Tax Statements

Or any statement for that matter!

Within your county Tax Collector’s office, how are you using (or are you using) color as part of your statement process and printing?

What role does the use of color in messaging play?

Studies show that color dramatically increases recall and responsiveness.  It helps people find information easily, reduces errors and decreases payment time.  Use color to draw attention to payment information, due dates, and instructions.

A recently shared success story brings this message home succinctly.  Tax notices were complex and many taxpayers didn’t understand what to do, how much to pay, or where to send the payment.  Call center volumes were high and payments were slow.

The county made the decision to use highlight color to guide the taxpayer through instructions and draw attention to amounts owed and due dates.

What tremendous results were achieved!  Faster payments, fewer mistakes, reduced call volumes and increased interest income.

Color matters.  Using color to effectively convey important information makes all the difference.

  • Readers find information easily
  • Reduces errors
  • Decreases payment time
  • Decreases call center volume

If you are using color as part of your statements, how have you applied it and what successes can you share?

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