Increase Your Sales With EDDM

USPS: Every Door Direct Mail 

Are you a small or medium sized business looking for ways to increase sales?  Have you heard about the U.S. Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail program?

Every Door Direct Mail allows a business to take advantage of simplified addressing, using mail delivery route information instead of names and exact addresses. 

This eliminates the need to purchase address lists and can reduce mail preparation time and expense.

Mailers can go to the EDDM website to determine which service is best for them.  An online tool will help mailers find addresses in a radius around a specific location – by city, county or ZIP code – to target their communications.  Mailers can choose both “businesses and residential” or “only residential” addresses.

The USPS is promoting EDDM through Grow Your Business Days events across the country.  Postal Service employees will offer assistance in using mail to increase a business’ reach.

How do you see using Every Door Direct Mail to drive more business and attract new customers? 

We love hearing your ideas and sharing our experiences with you!

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    Hey very nice blog!

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