Getting The Most of Your Direct Mail Campaign

Direct Marketing 101

 How can you the most of your Direct Mail campaign?  Remember the 40/40/20 rule.  40% of your chances of success will come from your audience, 40% from your call to action and offer, and 20% from your mail piece design (color, creative, etc). 

 To get the best possible results and return on investment, make sure you cover these basics:  

  1. List  This may be the single most important part of any mail campaign.  You have to target to those people who are interested in your product or promotion.  We will discuss effective list creation and management in future blogs.
  2. Offer  Make a compelling call to action and include a nice offer.  Take into consideration the product/service you are selling and how it is presented. 
  3. Design  Your design and message should fit your audience and offer.  Try to use fresh, memorable images and tag lines.
  4. Test  Continually test your marketing efforts.  Rollout campaigns in manageable stages and adjust your next campaign based on responses. 
  5. Measure  You have the ability to know, in real time, the effectiveness of your campaign through Direct Mail.  Once a test is done, you can continue testing to increase your response rates.
  • Response rates for Direct Mail have held steady over the past four years. Letter-size envelopes, for instance, had a response rate in 2010 of 3.42 % for a house list, and 1.38 % for a prospect list.
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