Who is the “CEO of Mail” in your home?

USPS Study – The Mail Moment 

Who generally brings the mail in to your home?  And what happens to it once inside?  A few years back the USPS commissioned a study with some surprising results.

 Most households have a “CEO of the Mail” – the person responsible for bringing into the home and sorting the mail.  Consumers said they are more likely to read a piece of direct mail if it helps them in one of three ways; browse for new purchases, manage household operations, or manage household budgets.

 The USPS findings reported that consumers spent 7 minutes a day sorting mail and 30 minutes reading/browsing mail. 

 98% of consumers bring their mail into the home the same day it is delivered.

 72% of consumers bring the mail in when they first arrive home or when the mail arrives.

 77% sort the mail immediately and determine which mail is kept for review.

 75% value the privacy of mail.

 67% feel it is more personal than the internet.

 63% said an interesting looking piece caused them to open and read it.

 55% said they look forward to discovering what is in their mail.

 The immediacy, privacy and reliability of mail, and the attention it receives by consumers, gives a company’s marketing message an opportunity to be noticed unlike any other media channel.

 Who is the “CEO of Mail” in your home?  If it’s you, what catches your eye and why?



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