USPS Summer Mobile Barcode Promotion

USPS Sale…Summer Mobile Barcode Promotion!!

 USPS Summer Mobile Barcode Promotion-FAQ site

USPS Summer Mobile Barcode Promotion-FAQ site

Think the USPS never has a sale?  Guess again! For the past few years, USPS has had a “Summer Sale”.  Last years’ was all about Standard mail and the sale this year focuses on a rapidly expanding technology – QR codes.

QR (or Quick Response) codes are popular and continue to gain in marketing use.  It allows a marketer to link the physical mail piece to smartphone technology.  The marketer creates a QR code that when scanned by the consumers’ smartphone, drives the consumer to online content, special offers or promotions.

There are several free QR code generators on the internet today.  One I particularly like is Another good site is

In order for the consumer to scan the barcode, they will need a reader downloaded to their iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone. These readers can be found for free as well.

The USPS Mobile Barcode Promotion will allow mailers a 3% discount to both First Class and Standard Class mail sent using permit imprint payment methods. Originally, Non-Profit mail was excluded, but that ruling has since been changed. The discount is applied immediately as opposed to getting a “rebate” later. There is no pre-registration required, making this promotion an easy, effective tool for increasing marketing ROI.

Mailers must display the QR barcode either on the outside or within all mail pieces in a mailing. The barcodes must be used to “market, promote or educate” recipients.

Instead of the USPS fearing this new technology, they are embracing it as a way to tie the proven effectiveness of direct mail to digital marketing. The online world will continue to grow and mail can and should be a part of that communication.

The Mobile Barcode Promotion will run from July 1 through to August 31, 2011. You can find a helpful FAQ by scanning the QR code on this page or visiting

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